In a motorcycle restoration project, your engine will often have stripped and corroded screws. The extra work involved removing them can be wasted trying put them back on. Even then, they won't match the level of the work and money that you have put into the total restoration.

We offer complete kits to replace all the origin screws with stainless steel (A2-70) Allen or Phillips (pan head) screws. They will not rust. They are stronger than standard and best of all, they can be polished. Each kit index includes a detailed and accurate description. No bad surprise when receiving your order.

More than 40 000 kits already sold worldwide.

These kits contain all the hardware required to replace every engine, crankcase and carburetors fasteners. Installation is easy. You replace existing bolt one at a time with one of the kit having same length.

Each kit is delivered in packets with the INTERNET address of its assembly plans in Adobe.pdf format that you can download and print. The installation is very simple, if you do not want to completely disassemble the engine or carburetors, you remove the screws one by one and you replace it by one of the kit of the same length. In this way you do not have to change the gaskets.

To order, click on the image of the kit you want to buy.